Analytical Services

Safety Advice Centre Ltd hold UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 for asbestos air monitoring and four stage clearance activity.

Our Analysts participate in the routine externally audited RICE scheme along with regular in-house assessments to ensure our customers receive the highest possible standards of quality and service.

As a minimum, all analysts hold the following ‘British Occupational Hygiene Society’ (BOHS) qualifications:

  • P403 Asbestos Fibre Counting (PCM); and
  • P404 Air Sampling of Asbestos and MMMF and Requirements for a Certificate of Reoccupation following Clearance of Asbestos

A fleet of mobile laboratories enable Safety Advice Centre Ltd to provide immediate results of analytical tests onsite.

Our professionalism and discretion ensure that testing is undertaken in a manner as to best represent our clients. This is underpinned by the results of our customer satisfaction surveys which would indicate an extremely high level of consistency in the competence and methods of our Analysts.

Four-Stage Clearances

Undertaken following the removal of asbestos by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

Our collaborative approach to the four-stage clearance ensures that analysts are available 24/7 providing clients and contractors with the service levels required in this high risk industry.

Reassurance Air Tests

Undertaken in circumstances where confirmation is needed that residual airborne fibre concentrations are less than 0.01f/ml.

Leak Air Tests

Undertaken to establish the effectiveness of environmental controls employed whilst undertaking the removal of asbestos materials and to ensure airborne respirable fibres are not being released from work enclosures.

Background Air Tests

Undertaken to establish the fibre concentrations during any activity which may lead to airborne asbestos contamination.

Personal Air Monitoring

Personal sampling is used:

  • To check the effectiveness of control measures i.e. that engineering controls are working as they should, to their design specification and do not need maintenance or repair;
  • To find out whether a control limit is exceeded;
  • To confirm the appropriate selection of RPE or whether RPE selection is providing the appropriate degree of protection;
  • To determine whether the action level is likely to be exceeded;
  • For medical surveillance records;
  • To support current and future risk assessments.

Bulk Sample Analysis

Safety Advice Centre Ltd can arrange for the analysis of bulk samples in order to ascertain whether or not they contain asbestos and identify what type of asbestos is present.